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Wood badge store

The Wood Badge logo has been redesigned for course use beginning in and thereafter. Use the logo designs in their entirety. Do not change or alter the designs in any way, nor use a portion of the logo, or any of its element sincluding the solid fleur-de-lis, thong, beads, pentagon, or any part of the logo to create something new or different for Wood Badge. Avoid creating other color iterations. Other than to support related, historical content or text, avoid using old Scouting or Wood Badge logos, photographs, imagery and clip-art.

Axe and log are symbols of Gilwell Park, the home of the first Wood Badge course in Wood Badge Branding Central. Branding Policies and Standards. The purpose of this site is to ensure the consistent, and therefore impactful, use of the Wood Badge visual elements. Your adherence to these principles goes a long in way in creating a powerful message to everyone who interacts with Wood Badge — participants, Scouters, professionals, community members and beyond.

These tools included in the Wood Badge brand are meant to empower you to create effective pieces of communication related to marketing and delivery of the program.

Patent and Trademark Office. Other versions or iterations may not be used. Stack Logo. A primary logo to be used on all official program material. Horizontal Logo. Icon Logo. Useful on social media, or where a smaller image is needed. Embroidery Logo. Workshop Logo. The Boy Scouts of America owns these assets. To view a full listing of official licensees who can create custom products i.

For any other inquiry, please contact licensing scouting. The brand colors may be used as backgrounds for the reversed white Wood Badge logos. The brand colors may also be used for text headlines on a white background, but paragraph text color should be black on a white background, or white reversed on a solid color background.Wood Badge is a training course for Scouters which finally results in their receiving a certificate, a small neckerchief, a leather slide, and two small wooden beads on a leather thong.

Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, directed the first course in and gave each of the participants one of the beads which he had captured from the African chieftain Dinizulu. Thus did the course name develop, for its symbol was literally a badge of wood. Baden-Powell designed it so that Scouters could learn, in as practical a way possible, the skills and methods of Scouting.

It is first and foremost, learning by doing.

wood badge store

The members of the course are formed into patrols and these into a troop. The entire troop lives in the out-of-doors for a week, camping, cooking their own meals, and practicing Scout skills. The uniqueness of Scouting is the patrol method.

wood badge store

The use of the natural gang of six or eight boys who elect their own leader and plan and carry out many of their own activities is a democracy in microcosm. Here young men learn the give and take of working with people as they must surely do all their lives.

Here, too, they are given leadership and learning opportunities which prepare them for their future roles as citizens. It is for this reason that it is so crucial that all adults understand thoroughly the patrol method. Thus it was that Baden-Powell developed a practical course built around the operation of a troop and its patrols.

Yet this is only the most well-known of three parts in the entire Wood Badge experience. Part 3 then followed the practical course and required a 6-month application period while the Scouter practiced in his home Scouting situation what he had learned in parts 1 and 2. In actual practice, once Wood Badge became available in the United States, the theoretical questions and the application were carried out simultaneously after the practical course was taken.

But Wood Badge is more than just mechanical course work. Wood Badge is the embodiment of Scouting spirit. Like many intense training experiences, it has always relied on a busy schedule forcing the participants to work together, to organize and to develop an enthusiasm and team spirit to accomplish the tasks and challenges placed before them.

Wood Badge Leather Belt

Carried out in context of Scouting ideals and service to young people, the course brings out a deep dedication and spirit of brotherhood and fellowship in most participants. Certainly were it not for the common goal of the movement and its program for young people, it would be hard to get grown men and women to endure the hour days required by a program that runs from early morning to late at night.

Add to this a thoroughly prepared and enthusiastic staff and it is little wonder that most Scouters return from Wood Badge inspired and prepared to do an even better job of providing Scouting to boys. In addition to a fine course, all the traditions and heritage of Scouting are stressed and used to inspire those attending.

Wood Badge in one form or another is used throughout the Scouting world. Tens of thousands of Scouters proudly wear the Gilwell neckerchief, woggle, and beads of Wood Badge-trained leaders. Because it was begun by Baden-Powell in England init is clearly backed by the finest thought and tradition of the founder and thus carries with it great prestige.

Wood Badge is then, a great force for world brotherhood, for though it uses the local traditions in each country, it emphasizes the international aspects of the movement and the heritage of Baden-Powell and Gilwell Park.

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Skip to content Wood Badge is a training course for Scouters which finally results in their receiving a certificate, a small neckerchief, a leather slide, and two small wooden beads on a leather thong.Please note: this item may only be ordered and worn by those who have achieved their Wood Badge.

Your order will automatically go on hold until you provide your wood badge number and order number by email to: customer. These beads are made from genuine Gilwell Oak and have a certificate of Authenticity. This wood badge comes in a velveteen box with the Gilwell Park logo printed inside. This item has become limited and future long term availability will depend on the below. As Scouts we are committed to sustainability, preserving our natural resources for future generations.

As part of this approach, and to adhere to the Tree Protection Order we will no longer be creating new Wood Badge Beads made of Gilwell Oak unless the wood becomes available through storm damage or other safety measures. If this option becomes unavailable we will update the product description accordingly.

Your order will normally be delivered within working days. See more information on our delivery page. Please note that next day delivery is not available for personalised items. Read our blogs. TheGreatIndoors special selection. Item added to your bag. Proceed to Checkout. You may also like. Click to enlarge. Free Returns Restrictions Apply. SKU: For security purposes a signature may be required on delivery.

See more details on international delivery here. To read about our return policies, please click here.Apparel Patches Promo Products. We are dedicated to providing you with great service. That means being responsive to your needs and delivering on time for your course.

We know Scoutingwe understand demands on volunteers. We are here to make your task easier so you can focus on your wood badge course. If we could help you with your ticket we would do that too :.

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We only offer quality products that represent Scouting and create the lasting memories for scouters. Whatever your budget, we have great items you will be proud to hand out to your particpants. Design ideas ready for your Wood Badge Course! Let our artists create a design specific to your course. We take special pride in creating incredible patches for scouting, including for your course. Wood Badge is a key program to building quality leaders but also to fuel the enthusiasm for scouting.

We will create a design deserving of the efforts you and your participants have put into your course. Learn about Custom Boy Scout Patches. Besides the standard patch, we offer many other items to commemorate your wood badge course! Based on your theme and our experience with what works for wood badge, we can find the perfect mix for your budget.

Call today to learn more about the products to hand out at your course! Custom Wood or plastic name tags for your wood badge course. We can print your wood badge course patch or t-shirt design in full color on your wood badge name tags.

Call to receive Council discounted pricing on wood badge course name tags. Learn more about Custom Scout Name Tags. Offset the costs of your course by offering our popular wood badge retail products to your participants. Wood badge items are also available for trading posts.

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Call to learn more.Leaders who complete their Wood Badge training or are on the path to complete it recognize the importance of belonging to a team and an association that promotes leadership and scout development. Browse our selection of several types of the Wood Badge memorabilia. At very low prices, you can stock up on as many Wood Badge items you'd like! Look for the Wood Badge items you want and order today! Add a whole new dimension to your favorite coin with one of our sturdy coin stands.

On the top of your walking stick, this eye-ca On the top of your walking stick, this eye-catchin Empire Theme by Pixel Union. Powered by Shopify. View cart. Show 24 36 48 View as. Acrylic Coin Stand.

Antelope Belt Buckle.

wood badge store

Antelope Gilwell Troop 1 Pin. Mint condition. Antelope Hiking Stick Medallion. Mint conditiion. Antelope Oval Bead Pin. Antelope Patrol Jacket Patch. Antelope Pin. Antelope PM.

Antelope Walking Stick Top. View full details. Baden-Powell Neckerchief. Baden-Powell Neckerchief and Patch. Baden-Powell Neckerchief Scouting's Founder. Baden-Powell Spiral Note Pad. Excellent condition. No writing. Bear Gilwell Pack 1 Pin. Bear Gilwell Troop 1 Pin.

Bear Hiking Stick Medallion. Bear Oval Bead Pin. Bear Patrol Jacket Patch.Bookmark this page. These are our premium handcrafted beads.

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One or two sides engraved. Pick any of our beads to be Engraved except Ivory.

Wood Badge Patches

Trees have always kept much of their beauty under their bark. We have worked very hard to get it out and bring it forth in Wood Badge. Ask about our Quantity Discounts.

Each Bead is handcrafted from block wood, shaped, burned and then hand rubbed to bring out the inner beauty. Great as a Gift for you or a friend.

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Made USA. I make every bead by hand. Let other know your a Wood Badger. Only leaders that have passed the test. I hand make each Miniature Woggle to be worn every time you wear your Beads.

By Critter Artwork by Kaye Templeman. Critters are a high resolution image on a baked stone. Keep the memory of your W. Travertine Stone Protected with polyurethane for a lifetime of memories. Numbers and Easel not included. High resolution images are transferred to a real wood branch cutting. Size is 1. Images are protected by a clear coat of polyurethane for a lifetime of memories.

Custom Handcrafted Course Pins. Keep your memories of Wood Badge for years to come.

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Say it the way you want. We make an excellent lightweight Hat Pin. Special pricing on higher quantities. Wood and Lapel Pin Hardware. Add Featured Items to your news reader:.Wood Badge is a Scouting leadership programme and the related award for adult leaders in the programmes of Scout associations throughout the world.

Wood Badge courses aim to make Scouters better leaders by teaching advanced leadership skills, and by creating a bond and commitment to the Scout movement. Courses generally have a combined classroom and practical outdoors -based phase followed by a Wood Badge ticketalso known as the project phase.

By "working the ticket", participants put their newly gained experience into practice to attain ticket goals aiding the Scouting movement. Wood Badge training has since spread across the world with international variations. On completion of the course, participants are awarded the Wood Badge beads to recognize significant achievement in leadership and direct service to young people. The pair of small wooden beads, one on each end of a leather thong stringis worn around the neck as part of the Scout uniform.

The neckerchief with the braided leather woggle neckerchief slide denotes the membership of the 1st Gilwell Scout Group or Gilwell Troop 1. Soon after founding the Scout movementRobert Baden-Powell saw the need for leader training. Early Scoutmaster training camps were held in London and Yorkshire. Baden-Powell wanted practical training in the outdoors in campsites.

World War I delayed the development of leader training, so the first formal Wood Badge course was not offered until The course was attended by 18 participants, and other lecturers.

After this first course, Wood Badge training continued at Gilwell Park, and it became the home of leadership training in the Scout movement.

The main goals of a Wood Badge course are to: [5] [6] [7]. Generally, a Wood Badge course consists of classroom work, a series of self-study modules, outdoor training, and the Wood Badge "ticket" or "project". Classroom and outdoor training are often combined and taught together, and occur over one or more weeks or weekends.

As part of completing this portion of the course, participants must write their tickets. The exact curriculum varies from country to country, but the training generally includes both theoretical and experiential learning. All course participants are introduced to the 1st Gilwell Scout group or Gilwell Scout Troop 1 the latter name is used in the Boy Scouts of America and some other countries.

In the Boy Scouts of Americathey are also assigned to one of the traditional Wood Badge "critter" patrols. Instructors deliver training designed to strengthen the patrols. One-on-one work with an assigned troop guide helps each participant to reflect on what he has learned, so that he can better prepare an individualized "ticket".

This part of the training program gives the adult Scouter the opportunity to assume the role of a Scout joining the original "model" troop, to learn firsthand how a troop ideally operates. The locale of all initial training is referred to as Gilwell Fieldno matter its geographical location. The phrase 'working your ticket' comes from a story attributed in Scouting legend to Baden-Powell: Upon completion of a British soldier's service in India, he had to pay the cost of his ticket home.

The most affordable way for a soldier to return was to engineer a progression of assignments that were successively closer to home. Part of the transformative power of the Wood Badge experience is the effective use of metaphor and tradition to reach both heart and mind. In most Scout associations, "working your ticket" is the culmination of Wood Badge training.

Participants apply themselves and their new knowledge and skills to the completion of items designed to strengthen the individual's leadership and the home unit's organizational resilience in a project or "ticket". The ticket consists of specific goals that must be accomplished within a specified time, often 18 months due to the large amount of work involved.


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